Why Feature Headboards are So Visually Appealing

When it comes to decking out your bedroom, there are a lot of options to make your room more visually appealing. This is the same whether it’s your own bedroom, the guest bedroom or even the kids’ bedroom. Elements such as tallboys, rugs, paint jobs can all help in the mix of creating a bedroom into a truly unique space. One such element that we take a look at today is the bed headboard.

A bed headboard is the backing of the bed that goes up against the wall. This may come as part of the bed itself, or it can also be freestanding. Rather than simply a bed butted up against a wall, a headboard anchors a bed in space and can be extremely visually appealing, or even cool and functional if done right.

Let’s start off with the free standing headboard. If you are running low on cash and already have an ensemble bed, this can be a great way to elevate your room without spending a whole lot of cash on a bed base and surrounds. The piece is generally just a vertical rectangle that is placed behind the bed itself or sometimes even glued to the wall. It can be purchased, made custom, or, as you might have seen on some home shows, actually made yourself.

The important thing to remember with the free standing headboard is that it should tie in with the rest of the room. Think about the colours and textures that already exist within the room and try to come up with something that is going to tie in and elevate the room. This way you can be sure that it’s going to really lift the feel of the room.

If you are feeling creative then you can build one yourself – this may be a weekend or a day’s work in itself – or you can commission someone to build it for you. Sourcing the materials for this can be quite fun. Some of the cheaper ways to do this involve a cheap MDF backing with internal padding and then a fabric top. More fancy ideas include using wood.

The second type of headboard is the one which comes as part of a bed and surrounds. These are often much more influential regarding the look of a room. Your bed and headboard, in this case, become the true centrepiece of the room. You might find a base that juts out significantly from your mattress is made of rich colours and materials and features something like drawers underneath for storage. This type of bed base not only looks cool but is highly functional too!

These type of bed bases will often have a centrepiece headboard, often extended quite a way above the head of the bed. It might have some intricate designs, or be made of multiple materials such as fabric and leather –

Incorporating the style of the bed base but also adding an interesting additional feature.

While these type of ensembles – with the bed base and headboard included – can get quite pricey, you have to remember that your bed can last upwards of 20 years. So while it might seem like a lot of outlay in the beginning, when you spread the cost over multiple years you’ll see that it works out quite well.

If you’re after a true standout feature to center your bedroom around, then there is no denying the bed base and headboard combination is a true winner. Accessorize with matching furniture and fixings, and you can have a truly designer bedroom furniture Sydney. All it takes is a little forward planning and a bit of an outlay to get started.


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