Where to Use A Privacy Screen to Its Best Effect

If you need some more privacy around your yard or balcony, what do you do? While you want to stop people looking in – you don’t really want to build a wall, it can look ugly, blocks light, and just makes the area feel more enclosed, smaller and cramped. This is why a privacy screen is the perfect idea.

Privacy screens are the perfect fencing choice to use around a pool, spa, deck or balcony where you want some privacy, but also want to allow for air flow and light. There are three different types of screens

  1. The slim line system – this gives a silhouette effect
  2. Block out – gives a more solid effect
  3. The louvre system gives you the ultimate in privacy as slats can be fitted vertically or horizontally


Where to Use A Privacy Screen to Its Best Effect


What is a privacy screen?

A privacy screen is a decorative screen that gives you privacy, but, unlike a wall, it doesn’t give the area a *closed in* feel. Privacy screens have been around in one form or another for centuries – for example, the Japanese Shoji screen that is made of rice paper attached to a timber frame. Tall hedge plants, bamboo and other types of plants have also been used as privacy fencing in the past – lattice covered ivory and other climbing plants have all at one time been the way to add privacy to your home, along with attracting spiders and other bugs, and when taken down, horrible marks left everywhere.

Of course, if you want privacy around your top floor balcony, plants take up space and need to be cared for and maintained. Privacy screens take up next to no space and don’t need to be kept fed and watered.

Plants around your spa or pool might help keep the area shaded, but you’ll also be spending your time picking leaves out of the water. Privacy screens around your pool give you privacy, shade, allow for air flow and give you a place to hang your towel.

Your privacy screen options

Today privacy screens are made using a range of different materials including

  • Slatted hardwood or treated pine this is a favourite, for greater privacy the slats can be attached closer together, they can also be attached vertically or horizontally.
  • Aluminium these are a newer form of privacy screen and are usually powder coated and available in a range of colours.

The hardest part will be working out which is the best option for you. Visit your supplier’s website and browse through their range of photos, completed projects will give you an idea – not only of the quality of work they do, but also give you some better ideas of where and how they can be used.

While a *privacy screen* makes it sound like you are installing the screen solely for privacy reasons, the good news is, privacy screens are also a great way to add some shade, provide protection from strong winds, or to cover items you need to keep in your yard, but can look unsightly – such as rubbish bins or a water tank.

Choosing your privacy screen

The best way is to get a few quotes from your local suppliers, this way you can see the different styles, colours and quality of product that is available. You’ll be able to find the right style and colour for your needs. Be sure to explain exactly where you want your screen as there are products suited only to indoors, that just won’t be able to stand up to sun, wind and rain outside.

If you are struggling to find the right size or style for you, many privacy screen suppliers can custom make a privacy screen for you. While it may cost a little more, you will be so glad you did. A privacy screen is more than just a screen, it’s a stunning addition to your outdoor or indoor area. Privacy screens look good from both sides, and they don’t detract from your home, but add to its beauty.

The uses for privacy screens are endless; they can even be placed in front of your bedroom windows if you find your neighbour’s windows look directly into yours, around your BBQ area, the pool or spa, around your child’s play area or sandpit, around balconies or verandas. At the front, side or rear of your home, wherever you need protection from prying eyes or just the elements. Privacy screens are the eye appealing solution that opens your area without closing it in, but keeps it protected from view.


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