What Type of Doors Are Best For Cold Climate Homes?

Brrrr! It’s cold in here! If you live somewhere where the temperature is prone to dropping dramatically, perhaps in the higher climes, or the southern part of the country, then you will know how important a well-insulated house is to keep warm in the winter time.

But insulation is not just for your roof. There are many ways in which we can keep the warm air in our homes over winter and the cold air out.

Some of these include:

  • Double or triple glazed windows
  • Thick curtains
  • Insulated walls
  • Carpeting or floorboards with insulated materials below
  • Door snakes for door gaps
  • The right material for your doors

Now, this last point may not be something that you will have thought about in any way before. However, some types of doors are far better at keeping the warm in and keeping the cold out. Depending on what type of door you are looking for, be it internal, front, or backdoor, will generally dictate what sort of style of door you want.

Generally, for interior and front doors, you are looking for a solid door. Many internal doors are made of composite wood, MDF, or similar. These are not too bad in terms of insulation. Front doors are generally composed of wood, composite wood, or fibreglass. Sometimes they will come with glass panelling, for a decorative effect. Decorative glass is not recommended for indoors when it is cold, because these single panels of glass are not energy efficient. Fibreglass that looks like decorative glass can be a better option.

For your backdoors, many people like to use sliding glass doors (or some other opening mechanism). This is a great way to see what’s happening outside and create more of an open space. However these can get mighty chilly when the weather cools down.

If you would like to install glass doors it is recommended that you go for double or triple glazed glass, so that your home keeps in more of the warm air and keeps out more of the cold air. It is also recommended you hang heavy curtains that can cover your glass doors, as this will have an extra insulating effect.

So you can, in fact, still have glass entry doors and still have a warm house in winter, even at night. But taking the right steps to ensure your house remains warm, you can spend less on heating too.

Doberman Windows and Doors supplies NSW with premium, commercial quality windows and doors including glass doors with double and triple (aka thermal) glazing for extra protection throughout the cold months. We help our customers to find the best products for their homes and businesses, all still at a great price.