What Size Tiles Should You Use Inside Your Home?

Thinking back to when I built my gorgeous new home, I remember being positively overwhelmed by choice. There were so many to make, and I am by no means the world’s most blessed person when it comes to design skills.

I’d been Pinterest-ing like a mad woman for over a year before I started designed the interior of my home. It took that many months of to-ing and fro-ing with my husband and I with the architect when we designed the floorplan that I thought the interior would be a cinch!

Not so much.

For all the grand ideas I had, once the house started going up and once I started to see what the spaces were looking like in real life, I realised that some ideas that I’d had about the fitouts, etc. would have to change.

You see, for all the beautiful bookmarks I’d put on Pinterest I realised that a) my home wouldn’t be as flooded with light as around 95% of these pictures that I’d pinned and b) that my spaces weren’t as open and huge as them either.

It was a dilemma to say the least.

Since I’d planned on doing lots of light coloured tiling throughout (I do love me a tile!), I had to have a serious think about what sizes would work best where. So I went back to the drawing board and started to hunt out images of homes online that had space that looked similar to my new home. I had a look at what tiling worked best for those homes.

It was a real effort, but my initial searching had at least pointed me in the right sort of direction.

First up, I had to take a closer look at my ensuite. It really isn’t the biggest space, but that’s because we’d run out of room and really wanted the bedroom to be bigger. It is your usual run of the mill ensuite, where the shower takes up the full length of one end, and there’s a loo and a vanity alongside.

So it’s a small space. While I’d wanted to do a feature wall in some very small tiles I realised that perhaps this wasn’t the best spot for it. In a small ensuite, in the pictures that I’d seen, the best looking ones all have very large tiles. So, instead of a feature wall with very small tiles, I decided to use one with large tiles, just in a darker shade than the tiles that line the rest of the ensuite. I’d also seen some cool things done with water type colour small mosaics in small bathrooms, but this was a little bit out there for me – maybe it will help you.

In the main bathroom in our house I finally got my small tile feature wall, because the space fitted this in. We have some gorgeous small white and grey tiles that come halfway up the way and are stopped with a very large mirror. It just looks stunning. There’s similar large, light floor tiles in the main bathroom for continuity throughout the house.

We’ve got tiles throughout the kitchen and dining areas, also in large sizes. These have been recommended for use in high traffic areas because it makes them easier to clean – and they’re right. I couldn’t even imagine scrubbing between the grout of small tiles in an area like this all the time, it’d drive me mad!

We decided to do some cool accents on the splashbacks in our kitchen with brick sized type tiles in a modern deep ash brown colour. It fits in with our modern appliances and the deep granite countertops that we’ve had put in, so it seemed like the obvious choice.

If you’re struggling thinking about what sized tiles to put into certain areas of your home, I’d advise you to do the same as I did – get Pinterest-ing and find homes that look similar to what yours will end up looking like. Have a look at the effects of different tile sizes in these sorts of areas.

The other option is to go and ask some tiling experts for help – as they’ll be up to date with all the latest fashions in flooring and marble wall tiles. This sort of advice can be invaluable for newbies like me and can end up making all the difference to what your finished home looks like. Everyone’s house is a work in progress, but when you get it right it looks amazing.