Using Windows and Doors to Create New Spaces



From choosing new doors and windows for an existing home, or when building a brand-new home, you want to not only improve the overall comfort of your home, and increase energy efficiency, you want to add to the appeal of your home. You can make your home look great from the street and feel and look luxurious on the inside as well.

Thankfully today you have so many choices and options available to you. Did you know that by simply adding a new door or window you can make a huge difference in how your home looks and feels while blending the inside and outside perfectly?


Changing Windows and Doors


Front door

While you can simply replace an old front door with a similar more modern door, but if you want to go a step further you can consider adding more light to the room with a larger size glass door, or you can expand your door into a new entryway by adding narrow glass panels on both sides of the door. From co-ordinating your room’s decor by using a simple clean and uncluttered look to choosing a raised panel door with glass. By adding extra glass panels to your front door, you can add more light to the entryway.


Patio Doors

If you want to add or replace an existing patio door, consider first how the deck or patio outside can also become a part of your entertaining area inside your home. A folding patio door works like a bifold door, swinging completely off to one side to create a huge opening, this allows you to blend both areas together to create one large space. Without a traditional door barrier, you have an open flow of the inside and outside area, you no longer have the narrow *traffic pattern* of people having to walk through the same narrow sliding patio door opening. If your home allows it why not take full advantage of being able to bring your inside and outside entertaining areas together.


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Bifold doors

These look great and are a perfect way to open your living areas, they bring the outside in and can join your patio or deck area to your home effectively adding a new room. So why bifold doors? *They allow more sunlight into your room – great during winter and in summer they let you enjoy your daylight hours for longer. *It’s easier to clean the glass on bifold doors than it is to clean the glass on sliding doors. *Single doorways can use up a lot of space while bifold doors use less room but give you far more space. * Bifold doors are both cost-effective and easy to install. * They are great space savers for small rooms and can be used for wardrobes and linen closets as well as for patio or other outside areas. *Bifold doors give the illusion of more space.


Living or family room windows

Just as the addition of new furniture or some redecorating can transform a room, new windows can have an even bigger effect. By changing a smaller window area into a larger bay window, you can instantly make the room look and feel larger without adding any extra square footage to the room. For a new home consider adding a floor to ceiling window with both fixed glass panels and smaller louvred windows – this allows you to take advantage of the views or natural light while being able to control how much fresh air enters the room. Tall windows allow you to take advantage of the outside view while blurring the concept of inside and outside.


Interior rooms

kitchens and bathrooms can also benefit from the different door and window options available today. Bathrooms can have etched, frosted or textured glass that allows light into the room, while still giving you much needed privacy. Interior hallway doors that darken a room when closed can be replaced with interior glass panel doors rather than wooden doors allowing all rooms or hallways to share the natural light.


Taking the first step can be hard, changing existing windows and doors can be challenging, but fun. It can be a daunting prospect as – after all – you won’t really know what a new door or window will look like until the job is completed. Thankfully today there are endless possibilities and you won’t know what a change a new door or window will make to your home unless you take that first step.

Visit some websites, view galleries, become familiar with the products and ranges available to you.