How to Use Roller Shutters to Regulate the Temperature in Your Home

Roller shutters are a pretty common sight in shops and malls, especially after it gets dark. They offer a quick, convenient way to secure commercial properties. All it takes is a single yank and a large padlock. Snap it shut, and no one can reach your goods until and unless you want them to. They can’t be broken, rammed, or dinged in any way.

These shutters are popular because they’re weather-proof as well. They can resist strong winds, dust, wildfires, and other natural disasters. They’re easy to install and operate, and can even be selected in colours that match your brand.

Increasingly, domestic roller shutters are catching on. There are two main kinds. Mini-view shutters have spaces between the slats so that you can see through them. They’re good for indoor-outdoor spaces where you’d like a partial view while still maintaining a measure of security and privacy. And it keeps out the wildlife.

The second type of roller shutter has interlocking slats, so there’s no peeping space when the shutter is closed. It can be installed over a French door or window, though some residents use them for their indoor-outdoor spaces as well.

Both shutters are treated with ultraviolet protection so that the slats aren’t damaged by the scorching Aussie sun. This UV preventative coating keeps the slats in good condition over long periods. They’re convenient because they’re not at all bulky. They may look heavy and cumbersome, but they neatly tuck into their subtle pelmet boxes when they’re shut.

Mini-view shutters are a good way to cool down indoor-outdoor spaces in hot months. You can pull the shutter down to allow air circulation when your space gets too stuffy. It’s more discreet than leaving it wide open, and the slats do offer security since nobody can walk into your property without your consent.

Interlocking shutters are even better at controlling temperature. The slats are double-sided, so they’re equally solid both on the inside and outside. The panes are carefully made, and they consistent of aluminium panels on two sides with foam in the middle. This foam has strong insulation properties that make your roller shutters an energy-saving miracle.

During the day, you can open the shutters to let in natural light. This light helps to warm up space on chilly days, and it brightens up the room as well. At night, when it gets really cold, you can slip the shutters closed. The insulated slats will keep the room warm by preventing heat from exiting the room while keeping cold air out.

Since the slats are foam filled, they are poor conductors of heat. This adds to their insulating properties, as heat from inside the room can’t seep out. That means if you’re using an internal heater, it will work more effectively since the heat dissipates at a slower rate. If the day is particularly gloomy, you can roll the shutters during the day as well.

In the summer, your roller shutters perform the opposite function, though they do it just as effectively. If the room gets too stuffy, you can raise the shutters and open the windows, letting in some fresh air. Unfortunately, the air outside is sometimes as humid as it is inside, or worse. At such times, you want to close the shutters and turn on the air conditioning.

Your heating system – or rather your cooling system – will produce blasts of cold air to lower internal temperatures. The insulation properties of the shutters will keep this cool air indoors. Since the slats are interlocking, there are no gaps through which cool air can sneak out. At the same time, the oppressive outdoor heat stays safely on the other side of the shutters.

Since your roller shutters lead to the more efficient use of internal heating and cooling, they will lower your utility bills. They will probably reduce your security and insurance costs too since they can keep out harmful weather elements and even more harmful human elements.

Roller shutters come in numerous colours, and there are even more options available if you look into the powder coated section. They protect your health and safety while boosting your style and property value. Visit a shutter shop near you and see if there’s anything you like.


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