Ultimate Man Cave Ideas


As gender roles continue to blur in the modern world, men are starting to get interested in things that were previously considered feminine. One of those things is home décor. But in an ironic twist, the thing men are most inspired by is their man cave. It’s the part of their home where they can exercise their instinctive male reflexes in complete, uninterrupted freedom.

Your garden shed is a great place for a man cave. It’s usually distinct from the house, so it gives you the space and privacy you need to sit back, relax, or throw a wild footy party on game night. If you’re a sports fan, there are lots of props you can use to turn your man cave into an athletic paradise. Of course, there are two kinds of sports fans – those who play, and those who watch.

If you’re more of a couch potato variety sports fan, there are five main things that you need in your man cave. First, you need a flatscreen TV. When it comes to sports viewing screens, the bigger the better, so get as many inches as your budget allows. The second item on your must-have list is a good sound system so that you can watch the game in stereo. Some TVs come with in-built stereo sound, but it’s worth investing in a dolby surround speakers or their equivalent. If you happen to be a gamer, you can buy a gaming system to go with your TV.

The third man cave accessory is good seating. This can be a basic couch, an easy chair, a lazyboy, canvas stools, or even plastic chairs. If you mostly use the man cave on your own, you can splurge on a fancy leather recliner, but if you have your friends over a lot, make sure there’s enough seating for all of them. You could even order speciality seats designed like a sports stadium to add to the ambience.

Number four on your list is an indoor sports bar. Again, this can be as simple or as complex as your resources allow. You can have a sunken bar complete with kegs and refillable spirits taps, or you could have a nice wooden shelf or a fridge to store six packs on game night. The fifth item is more sentimental in value. Memorabilia from your favourite sports team is a great way to give your man cave a personal touch. These items could include jerseys, posters, or action figures. Plan B is to decorate the whole room using a theme based on your team’s colours.

If you’re the type of sports fans who actually plays on a team, you can still have all the items listed above, but you could also include active components. For instance, you could have some gym equipment in your man cave so that you can keep fit. You could install a treadmill, stair master, or rowing machine, as well as some weights so that you can work out while you chill.

Not all man caves are sports oriented. Some guys use their man caves for jam sessions. It’s a good space to make some musical noise on an idle evening or afternoon. Musical man caves can cleverly be designed to suit their purpose. One essential feature is sound proofing, especially if you use the space for recordings. For décor, you can store musical instruments in a way that is both functional and aesthetic. Place racks on the wall where you can hang your guitars, saxophone, flute, or other instruments. This way, the instruments are protected from damage, but they also add elements of style and class to your room.

Of course three things that any man cave can benefit from, whether sporty or musical, are a pool table, a foosball table, and a dart board. All three offer typically male outlets for competitive sporting aggression coupled with hours of fun.