Is Pool Maintenance Expensive for Above-ground Pools

Is Pool Maintenance Expensive for Above-ground Pools?

Above-ground and in-ground pools look drastically different. After all, one is a beautiful hole in the ground while the other is a stylish elevated platform filled with water. There are many differences between them. Above-ground pools are faster and cheaper to set up, while in-ground pools have a longer lifespan. In-ground pools can have shallow…


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How Much Time Will You Spend Maintaining Your Pool?

  When you own a swimming pool your house will be one of the most popular homes in the whole neighbourhood, during the summer. However, along with the notoriety, comes the maintenance, as well as the peace and quiet. Because, when it comes time to maintain your pool, no one will know you exist. The…


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Crystal Pools for a Unique Swimming Pool Design

About Crystal Pools Crystal Pools was established in 1957 by an Australian entrepreneur. The company has seen the industry‚Äôs great demand for a swimming pool design. In response, Crystal Pools formulated innovative concepts for the creation of a stylish and safe swimming pool design. The skills of employees are tested by time, and we are…