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Can I Legally Rent Out My Granny Flat?

You might know a little about the history of granny flats in Australia. They’re actually a slightly modified colonial relic. In Good Old England, mothers-in-law were stowed away in the attic. Well, not quite, but almost. In aristocratic homes, wives came with a dowry, so if a man married a woman who was well off,…


Bedroom Furnishing

Bedroom Furnishing And Decor Ideas For Summer

Some people like the natural daylight to pour through their room during long summer days, while others would rather block it out with blackout blinds to sleep undisturbed. Whatever your take on summer is, we’ve got a few furnishing ideas that are perfect for updating your bedroom this season. Detail Is key Give your bedroom…


Can You “Fix” A Loud Water System?

Some water systems can be really noisy, from that “psshhhht” I was talking about through to “jutter jutter jutter”, “bang bang”, “eeeee” or “crrrrkkkkkk” – for the technical terms ha! Each of these noises is indicative of a different issue. Some noisy water systems are able to be fixed or rectified and some you’ll probably…


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Introduction of Home Staging

Have you ever visited someone’s home and thought how warm and inviting it was? Or maybe you saw a house on a TV show or magazine and were really impressed. You immediately began to fantasise about living there or went online to discover ways to make your own house look like that. That’s the purpose…


Adding A Smoky Flavour To Your BBQ

The flavour that a charcoal BBQ gives to your food, is fabulous. Food tastes amazing, it really enhances the flavours and you can now add that lovely smoky flavour when you cook on a regular gas BBQ. The first thing you need to do is decide what meat you want to cook. If you are…