Why is it Called Spring Cleaning?

There really doesn’t seem to be one *set* explanation for the term *spring cleaning*, here are a few of the possible explanations of how the tradition of a deep *spring clean* started. Today *spring cleaning* means it’s the process of deep cleaning your house, it can also be used as a metaphor for simplifying our…


Keeping Your House Clean Over the Easter Break

Many people just don’t know where to start when it comes to keeping their homes clean over the Easter break. Some have a cleaning regime that changes to suit – when they get the time they do something, maybe clean a room today, vacuum tomorrow. The good news is you don’t  have to give in…


Canberra Cleaning Services

Blowing Away Your House Cleaning Blues

  Having problems with keeping your house or apartment neat? No need to worry when you got HouseProud! House cleaning Canberra can be very hard work and surely time-consuming; people tend to not do it instead. It may never be on top of a very busy person’s list. The thing is, you get to settle…


Multi Service Domestic Cleaning

Houseproud Cleaning from Australia, with its founder Paul Mitchell, is a professional cleaning company that offers excellent quality service not only for domestic but also for commercial spaces. Having 13 years of remarkable experience in the cleaning industry, Houseproud Cleaning uses environment-friendly and organic cleaning products for homes and offices all over Australia. This adds…