Top 9 Things People Forget to Clean in Their Bedroom

You’d think that seeing as our bedrooms are one of the major parts of our lives, we would make sure to clean them from top to bottom. Although we are asleep, it’s the only room in the house we spend so much of our time, but, unfortunately, due to forgetfulness and time, many bedrooms don’t get cleaned as well as they should.

So, here’s a list of the top 9 things we SHOULD be cleaning in our bedroom, but get overlooked instead.

  1. Wardrobe shelves – whether your bedroom wardrobe has lots of shelves or just one you need to keep your shelves clean. Even though they spend the time behind closed door, dirt and dust, hair etc still accumulates. To do this take everything off the shelves – shoes, bags, clothes, knick knacks and anything else. Then give your shelving a good thorough dust on the top and underneath of your shelving – this will keep your wardrobe from attracting spiders.
  2. Under the bed – one area many people forget to clean is under the bed, but, over time fuzz, dirt, dust, pet hair etc starts to make its way under your bed and if you leave it alone it can become a haven for bugs! It can also be a place for allergens to build up. Every few months move your bed out of the way and vacuum under it. If you find that is too difficult, see if you can just use the vacuum’s hose to clean under your bed instead.
  3. Light Switches – although light switches are only tiny they can harbour some big time germs. To properly disinfect them spray a cloth with cleaner and wipe down the surface, you can use a cotton ball or cotton bud dipped in mentholated spirits to get at any dirt that might be hiding in the cracks.
  4. Curtains and curtain rods – when was the last time you actually took down your bedroom curtains and washed them? Some people would say they do it every year when they spring clean, but others will say *never* – why? Because often they don’t look dirty. If it has been a couple of months or more since you last washed your curtains, now is the time to wash them again. If you don’t have the facilities to wash and hang curtains at least get them outside and shake off the dust. While your curtains are not on the rods, take advantage of the time and dust the rods off as well – especially if they are *ornate* style rods. All the dust settles in those patterns!
  5. Pillows – we don’t want to sound alarming, but when was the last time you washed your pillows? If you are like a lot of people it’s been a while and pillows are the perfect hiding spot for dust mites and debris from sleep. Every 6 months give your pillows a good hot water wash in the washing machine and dry them using a low heat. Always be sure to check the care instructions first and don’t wash a foam pillow.
  6. Above your windows and doors – it’s only a small space, that moulding above your door way and windows, but you would be surprised by how much dirt and dust can accumulate. If this is another part of your bedroom you have been neglecting to clean, then it’s likely it’s now covered in a thick layer of dust. Next time you clean your room, give those small areas a dust and wipe too.
  7. Lights and lamp shades – for some reason another thing that people forget to dust in their bedroom are the lampshade and light fittings. Bedside lamps can accumulate a lot of dust and there can be a range of germs around the switch from hands always touching them. To keep them clean dust your bedroom lamps, and their shades and your light fittings. For bedside lamps, use a disinfecting wipe around the switch to prevent germs.
  8. Picture frames and glass – one of the other things most people forget to clean are any picture frames and glass. You really need to be cleaning these things often, to keep them dust free and to keep fingerprints and smudges off the glass. It’s a good idea to take them down and dust the backs of the frame as spiders like to live there too.
  9. Mattresses – we all remember to wash our sheets regularly, but we don’t give much thought to the mattress we sleep on. To prevent sagging and to get rid of any dust mites, you should flip your mattress over every six months. Before you do turn it over sprinkle a mixture of essential oils and baking soda to get rid of any odours, let this mix soak in for a minute and then vacuum the surface of the mattress to pick up any residue afterwards.