The Key Advantages of Aluminium Roller Shutters

If you’re wondering what to put over your windows, then you have a few options to choose from. You have sails, on the outside of your home, curtains, drapes and blinds, on the inside of your home, or aluminium roller shutters.

Roller shutters can be a brilliant addition to your home or commercial property in the right circumstances. These are the key benefits of installing aluminium roller shutters on your premises.


Advantages of Aluminium Roller Shutters - Keeping out the heat, Security against break-ins, Protect your windows from wild weather, Do not require a lot of maintenance, Available in a wide range of colours etc.


Keeping Out The Heat

The best thing about aluminium roller shutters, in my opinion, is that they are fantastic at keeping the heat out. In Australian summer it can be scorching hot, which means that bare windows during the day can seep in a lot of heat. When you return home for the evening, the house is boiling, and you have to open up all the windows and doors just to let the heat escape. But shutting your roller shutters during the day, this keeps out a significant amount of the heat.


Security Against Break-ins

Home and business break-ins happen all the time. Burglars will often be able to get in through a faulty or left open window. This is why it is great to use roller shutters at night while you are sleeping, as well as during the day while you are out and about. You need to take lengths to protect both your family as well as your valuables, and aluminium roller shutters help to create a more safe environment. You may also find that you are able to save on your insurance premiums if you have shutters installed.


Can be Completely Retracted When Desired

The problem with some types of window covers, such as exterior shades and Venetians, is that you always have something obscuring your view of the outside world, even when they are fully opened. With aluminium roller shutters, you are able to fully retract them, so that you are afforded brilliant views to the outside world without any obstruction when desired. This is great for those winter days when the sun is peeking out, or simply just in milder weather so that you can take glances outside.


Protect Your Windows From Wild Weather

If you live in Sydney, in particular, you’ll find yourself in the middle of absolutely wild storms that can cause a lot of damage to homes, businesses, and surrounds. This is also true of other cities around Australia. You’ll step outside of the house after a wild night – if you’re lucky your house hasn’t flooded – and find carnage. Uprooted trees, broken branches, debris everywhere, and sometimes even cracked windows.

During a fierce storm, your aluminium roller shutters can be rolled down to protect your home further from the effects of the wild weather. This can significantly reduce the chance of damage occurring to your windows and home.


Can Make Your Home or Business Darker

There are sometimes when it is just essential to have a truly dark room. When you are putting on a movie at home, for instance, or perhaps doing a PowerPoint presentation at work, or maybe if you just have a day at home when you are really sick (or nursing a fierce hangover)!

In these occasions, it is relieving to have the darkness that aluminium roller shutters can provide. Because they can give you 100% cover, you’ll be able to see that screen easier or help you to not feel as sick as you would have done otherwise.


Do Not Require A Lot of Maintenance

Unlike other materials, like wooden Venetians, fabric curtains, or mesh exterior shade sails, aluminium roller shutters are tough, hardwearing, and will not fade. This means that they will last years longer than other types of window covers.

To clean your shutters, all you will need to do is wipe down with a clean cloth, with perhaps a little detergent if they are quite dirty, and they will be good as new again. You can do this sporadically, as the surface does not attract much dirt.


Available in a Wide Range of Colours

Aluminium roller shutters are generally offered in a standard range of colours; black, green, silver, beige, red, wood grain, grey, sand, brown, white, bronze, and cream. There is also the option to get them Powdercoated in the Dulux Powdercoat range of colours which will often match to colours of the exterior of your home or commercial space. This means that you are able to get the exact colours that you want instead of settling just for second best.