The Benefits of a Metal Roof

Do you dare – dare to go metal? When it comes to options for your roof, the trend in Australia these days is, without a doubt, best type of metal roof. Shingles and tiles are a lot less prominent than they used to be for homes, slowly becoming phased out around the country. As we streak ahead with progress, the metal roof reigns supreme.

However, if you’ve always had a shingle, tile, or concrete sheeted roof, then you might be wary about choosing metal for your roof – “But won’t it heat my house too much?”, I hear you cry. The answer, these days, is decidedly no. Metal is an all-round winner for your roofing for a few reasons – which we’ll take a bit of a gander at today.


It’s an inexpensive option

Regarding affordability, metal roofs are a clear winner. Even premium metal roofs cost much less to have installed than other types of roofing. If budgeting is on your agenda, then a metal roof should be too.

They are long lasting

Metal roofs are typically very long lasting and do not get damaged very easily. Whereas tiles and shingles can break, crack, come loose, and even fall off, having a sheet of you metal roof come loose is very, very rare – plus it can’t just break or crack like other materials. If you are looking to get your roof done with the least amount of maintenance over the years, then a metal roof is a really wise decision here.

They come in a huge range of colours

If you are the type of person who is very focused on design and style aesthetics, then you will be happy to know that metal roofs come in a large range of colours. The standard coloured metal roofs that you’ll see in Australia are made from Colorbond, and the range of Colorbond colours is extensive. These colours mimic the wide range of colours that you’ll see in nature around the country, from deep reds and browns of the earth, through to eucalyptus greens, and soft ocean spray colours to deep blues. There is a colour that will suit every home.

They are good in wet weather

Due to the design of corrugated metal roofs, the water that falls during regular rain or in a storm on your home will roll easily down the metal valleys straight into your gutters and into downpipes to drains, water tanks, or the garden. With easier water catchment on your roof, this is a great opportunity to save water by installing a water tank for catchment if you don’t have one already. A roof plumber can help set up your roof for the best water catchment system for the orientation and design of your home.

That pitter-patter of rain

Speaking of rain, there is nothing like the sound of rain on a metal roof! It is soothing and instantly calming, willing the stress away from your body with each drop. A downpour will be a delight, and a pitter-patter will be a pleasure.

These are just some of the benefits of installing a metal roof, but there are plenty more. You can trust in the confidence of most other homeowners across the country when it comes to choosing metal for your new roof. While other materials were in vogue for quite some time, that time has now past. It’s time to get with the program and speed up to the future. Installing a metal roof will help you to stay current, have a long-lasting roof, and one that matches perfectly with the rest of your home.

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