Some Styling Ideas for Your Fireplace

A fireplace isn’t just a fire. It’s not just a way to keep warm – although this is their primary purpose. More than that, they’re also another way to add an inherently “you” stylistic touch to your home. When thinking about the new wood burning fireplaces that you’re going to install in your home, also think about how you are going to blend it into your existing setup, and whether it’s going to be a bold new feature, or look like it has always been there.


Some Styling Ideas for Your Euro Fireplace


Today we provide some hot styling tips to think about when you are getting your new euro fireplace.

Freestanding or inbuilt?

There are many different styles of fireplaces available on the market, and whether to go with a freestanding or inbuilt fireplace is as much of a question of how it looks as it is of how much it costs. While generally it may be cheaper to install a freestanding fireplace than a new built in, or opening up an old fireplace, have a think about how it’s going to look in your space. Free standing fireplaces can look bold and modern when placed in the right position of a large, open room. Built in fireplaces are generally the better option when you have an old existing hearth and fireplace than you can open up and renovate.

Building a hearth

The look of your fireplace is as much about the fireplace as it is about the hearth surrounding it – perhaps even more so. A carefully designed and crafted hearth can make your room look like a million dollars. You may need to have a look around through some home design magazines or online to view the look or different hearths, and to have a think about just how each one would look in your home. For instance, if your home has a lot of art deco touches, a rounded hearth might fit in very nicely in your home.

Do you want to see the fire?

Some people really enjoy the look of a healthy, crackling fire, whether it’s in an open fireplace, or behind glass. Boxed in fireplaces can really obscure the view of the fire that’s coming along inside. If you really love the look of the fire burning then you’ll probably want to choose an open fireplace instead of an enclosed one. There are also gas open fireplaces that mimic the look of real wood burning if you’re after a more modern take on a real fireplace.

Wooden or concrete hearth?

You can choose, for your hearth, either to have a wooden surrounds or a masonry surrounds. This decision should be heavily weighted by the look of your home. If you have a lot of wood and/or wooden floorboards used already throughout your home then a wooden hearth might be a good pick. For homes not featuring a lot of wood you will probably choose a masonry surrounds, or some people go for the tiling look, too.

A fireplace will be a heart of your home for the rest of the ongoing years that you spend there and so it is important that you style it correctly. It is as important a feature as the new kitchen benching that you do in your kitchen renovation, or the complete fence replacement that you’re planning on doing. Take the time to style your fireplace in the best way possible.


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