Some Dining Table Decor Trends For 2018

Every homeowner knows that the key to achieving stunning decor is to anticipate upcoming trends and get in on them early. Your dining table and your dining room by extension is where you get to enjoy your meals with your family and any guests that you are hosting. As a critical part of your house and the main area for entertaining guests, you need to ensure that you maintain a trendy look for the upcoming season.

Dining room decor transcends the dining table. You can get the perfect dining table, but if the other components in the room do not support the theme that you were going for, then you will not achieve the desired effect. It is for this purpose that this guide considers the entire dining area when deciding on the changes to make.

As any restaurant owner will tell you, the right lighting significantly improves the dining experience. There has been a growing trend towards focusing on lighting improvement which is expected to achieve mainstream status during 2018. If you are in the design stage for your house, then you need to consider how to size and place your windows to allow natural light.

Dining Room Decor

If you are working with an existing dining room, then it might be too expensive to make changes to your existing window placement. You should focus on the lighting fixtures that are used during dinner time, which is when you entertain most of your guests. Look for artistic lighting features that are creatively shaped. You should also consider using different coloured lighting bulbs for mood lighting.

Concerning the actual dining room table, you should consider getting an Italian inspired design. Italy is known as a centre for gastronomical excellence and design. There is a distinct style that Italian dinner tables adopt which make the dining experience memorable.

One of the most famous of these is the Omnia dining table design which is available in many sizes, depending on the sitting capacity that you are targeting. It has cushioned seats for your guests’ comfort and a generously proportioned dining table that can handle a multiple course meal. By merging functionality and elegance, there are fewer better dining tables in the market

You can also improve the dining experience by opting for bench seating. Regarding functionality, bench seating is a smart way to increase the seating capacity at your dinner table without having to expand the room. It is perfect for homeowners who are working with modestly sized dining rooms. Benches also create a more intimate and informal setting, and they come in various designs and sizes. This is a trend that has recently picked up in Europe, which is a good indicator that the rest of the world will likely follow.

If you are lucky enough to have a sizeable yard outside your dining room, then you should look into extending your dining area outdoors. This will make for the perfect dining experience for dinners parties during warm evenings and brunches on sunny days. You can improve on the outdoors area by building a patio or deck, but well-manicured grass is also suitable. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the outdoor dining table and seats; it is the natural environment that improves the dining experience.

Those who have been following emerging trends over the year must have noticed that we are moving towards integrating art and creativity into our home decor. The same applies to your dining room, and come 2018; more people will adopt this trend. Add some paintings or murals in your dining room for that ‘artsy’ feel. You can also be more elaborate with the dining table centrepieces that you use.

The ambience you set is almost as important as the quality of the food that you serve. You can achieve trendiness with a small budget; it is the effort that counts.


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