Roller Shutters Don’t Have to Take Away from Your Home’s Façade

Ever thought to yourself, wow roller shutters would be so super handy and functional to have but they would make my place look so ugly? Chances are then you haven’t seen modern day shutters. See, while older, cheaper roller shutters can make a home look a little tacky, modern day roller shutters fit very well with your home’s facade, and when open provide only a minimal physical footprint.

Because modern day roller shutters aren’t clunky and ugly like the roller shutters of yore, this means that your house still looks great after installation. As well as coming in a range of 12 standard colors, there is also the option to choose roller shutters from the Dulux Powdercoat range. Powdercoat are a standard range of colors that are used externally among many Australian homes. This means that you’ll have a huge number of colors to choose from – there will be one to match every home, no matter what your color scheme is.


Roller Shutters Don't Have to Take Away from Home's Facade


The roller blinds of today have a smaller overhead back that they retract into, which doesn’t stick out so much from your home. The surrounds of the rollers are also smaller, too, allowing for a better look and more light let in when they are open. They are easily fitted to any home, which makes life easy, too.

If you are concerned about the look of your home, then you need to have a think about the benefits of roller shutters and whether the benefits of roller shutters outweigh another option you’ve been think of. For instance, if security is your main concern, but you want your windows to still look like regular windows, you can install tough glass, however, this is often far more costly. If it’s to keep the sun out of your home, then you could opt for blinds, but then you’re not getting the added security that comes along with roller shutters.

There may be other options that you can choose instead of roller shutters, but it’s unlikely that they’ll tick all of the boxes that made you look into roller shutters as an option in the first place. What’s a better thing to do, is to look for the colours and designs that are going to tie in the best with your home’s façade. If you haven’t had a good look as yet, then have a browse around on Google and see what’s available near you. This way you can see what’s on offer and nail down a roller shutter style that’s going to work best for your house.

Many roller shutter companies offer a 10-year guarantee which means that you can be assured of the shutter’s quality, too. Having a good looking product that lasts should be foremost in your mind if you are investigating into getting roller shutters.

If you want to protect your home, then ultimately, roller shutters really are the best deterrent for keeping away the bad guys. Though they do add an extra element to your home’s facade, modern shutters are neat, tidy, and can look stylish too. When you feel like opening up your home again, you can simply open up your shutters easily and then you’ll be able to see your home looking like it has regular windows, anyway. Roller shutters are super functional without having to take away from the look of your home.

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