Proper Maintenance and Your Garage Door is Here to Stay


Garage doors are some of the toughest doors in the world, and even without proper maintenance, they can last for years. Having said that if you do want them to really last there is some routine maintenance you can do that will prolong the life of your garage door. If you are a bit of a home handyman or D.I.Y’er these simple tips will help you to maintain and care for your garage door like a professional.

Clean your door

You should try and clean your garage roller doors every 6 months, to do this wipe the door all over with a detergent and then rinse with water. Dry the door with some lint free rags, this is to prevent any leftover/residual water from damaging the metal.

Keep moving parts lubricated

You can use either a high-quality aerosol lubricant containing oil or silicon as part of the mix or a light oil. Be sure to lubricate – the lift cables, pulley bearings, steel rollers and hinges. While you are doing that look for any bent, broken or loose components including – hinges, tracks and rollers. If any of these are found to be loose make sure you tighten them straight away. It may be just as simple as tightening the screws associated with the component, but if you find the component is bent or broken – it may have to be replaced.


Replacing hinges or rollers

To begin with turn off any power that is running your garage roller door, and ensure the door is locked in the down position before turning off the power. Always remove one roller or one hinge at a time and NEVER remove the bracket at the bottom as it is under a lot of tension.



Replacing vertical tracks

if you find you have to replace any of the vertical tracks this time lock the door in it’s up position before turning off the power. Then replace the tracks one at a time, simply unscrew one track and replace it with a new one before moving to replace the next track. Once each track has been replaced check the track spacing on each side is correct. (Please note that any horizontal tracks should ONLY be replaced by a qualified garage door professional).


Extension spring maintenance

All the hardware, the extension springs are connected to, are kept under extreme tension so they can ONLY be serviced properly when the door is fully open. Components like pulleys, springs, cables and the bottom brackets can only be serviced by a qualified professional as they are connected by containment cables. As a D.I.Y’er the most you can do is to use grease to lubricate these parts.

Maintaining torsion springs

These torsion springs are always under pressure and can only be serviced when the garage door is closed. If you have never done anything like this before – leave this particular type of servicing to a qualified garage door repaired.

The best way for you to ensure your roller garage door continues to run smoothly is to look after it on a regular basis. Naturally, there are going to be times when you need to call in a professional who can replace some of the components that are hard to get to – like torsion springs.

It’s amazing how we spend our lives saving to buy a home and when the day comes to sell, we just *accept* the value the real estate agent places in your home but did you know there are three categories that determine the value of your home – appearance, security and size. While it may sound strange your garage roller doors can actually ADD value, while they don’t actually add to the size of your home they do add security. When buyers are looking for a home, they also look for usable/viable space and if you have a garage roller door – you have a usable space that can be used not just for parking the car. A garage can be used for storage, as a games room, workshop, or add some carpet for a teenager retreat or man cave.

Roller garage doors also add to the appearance of your home and can transform the overall look of a home – remember, when it comes to selling first impressions are important.


when a buyer sees a home with roller garage doors they can see that extra layer of security added to their home and valuables. Not only are garage roller doors sturdy, they are also durable and modern garage doors look good. You add security and value to your home with a roller garage door and even if you are not planning on selling your house now, think what it will add to your home if you ever decide to move.


This content is provided by Maverick Roller Products. Maverick Roller Product is an aluminium roller shutter providers in Sydney.