Is Pool Maintenance Expensive for Above-ground Pools

Is Pool Maintenance Expensive for Above-ground Pools?

Above-ground and in-ground pools look drastically different. After all, one is a beautiful hole in the ground while the other is a stylish elevated platform filled with water. There are many differences between them. Above-ground pools are faster and cheaper to set up, while in-ground pools have a longer lifespan. In-ground pools can have shallow…



What Are Water Tanks Made From?

It may sound strange when people say that water is a finite resource, especially with oceans, swamps, and drizzles all around us. It is though because the amount of water that we can easily access is limited. For us to use sea water, polar glacier water, or underground water tanks, it has to be harvested…


Granny Flats- Top Design Options

Granny Flats: Top Design Options

Being an accessory to the main residence, granny flats are detached or semi-detached dwellings specially designed for elderly family members who are not able to live independently.   Constructing Granny Flats Granny flats Sydney are considered a secondary dwelling on a residential property.  Most granny flats are categorized as a tiny house. This is the…


Do Balustrades Work on Balconies

Do Balustrades Work on Balconies?

Space is a premium in today’s real estate markets. With populations increasing and property costs soaring, not everyone can afford to move to a free standing home. A lot of Aussies have to make do with apartment blocks in urban, residential areas. Of course, urban living isn’t all bad. There are adequate amenities, and living…


Why Use Wood That Is Sustainably Sourced?

When it comes to fires, and burning firewood, be it in a backyard fire pit or a fireplace in your home, today people want to try and do their best to help the environment. One of the ways you can do this is by choosing to burn only *sustainable firewood* So, what actually IS Sustainable…