Outdoor Décor Themes to Look Out for

Image source: Housebeautiful.com


Your outdoor living space is important, but often neglected, part of the property. A well-designed and thought-out outdoor living space can not only serve you and your family needs, it can add value to the resale of your home.

Planning your outdoor area should be fun and exciting, but it can get overwhelming as there are so many options to consider!

To get you on the right track, we pulled together our favourite tips to help you plan the best outdoor area for you, your family and home.


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Go monochromatic

A monochrome design can narrow down the plethora of the designs without limiting your creativity.

Picking two very distinct colours, and working it to fit your hard landscaping, furniture and accessories can create a timeless space for years to come. With the right colour choices, this design principle is very attractive and effective for modern and heritage-style properties.

Plus, you don’t have to go as dramatic as black and white to make an impact. Colour combos such as stark whites with warmer sands and creams with cooler greys work beautifully to provide an aspect of space and continuity.


Natural, wooden charm

An opportunity not to be missed, explore the possibility of turning your outdoor area into an extension of your indoor living spaces.

Using a warm-coloured wooden decking underfoot with sturdy wicker furniture, thick cushions, strong shade sails and an outdoor feature – like a heater or pizza oven – can triple your living space at the fling of a door.

Pairing natural looking materials, fibres and shade of colours, such as browns, golds, ochres and ebony can tie-in various items into one consolidated theme.


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Sand and steel

Outdoor entertaining has come a long way with more homeowners turning to home catering for family and friend affairs.

Combining the warmth of sandstone or wheat-coloured pavers and furniture with steel and chrome features such as barbeques, outdoor kitchens, bench swings, balustrading and accessories can create a seamless and non-fussy update.


Veranda views

If you’re lucky enough to have a broad veranda, then why not consider turning some of these spaces into semi-private lounges for you and the family.

A long, solid wooden sofa paired with some lush cushions, vintage fabrics and a chest-come-coffee-table can turn a pokey area into a private oasis for your morning coffee and newspaper.


Lush garden parties

If you’re lucky enough to have an established garden or happen to have a green thumb, a garden path into a miniature grove for dining and relaxing can delight guests young and old.

Using eclectic furniture anchored by the main table, twinkling garden lights, mismatched fabrics and plenty of winding, lush greenery can create depth and charm in an otherwise narrow, dark or pokey garden.

Designing your ideal outdoor area is a whole lot of fun, so make sure to explore as many different options as you can! While some designs require a careful eye and some effort to source décor, others can be set up and practically maintained all year round.

Don’t be put off by thinking your décor has to be expensive either, with a steady hand, you can turn any thrift shop knick-knack into a gorgeous feature piece with a lick of paint, careful embellishment or ultra-modern update.


Something as simple as a new colour scheme can dramatically change the way you approach and use your outdoor space.