Multi Service Domestic Cleaning

Houseproud Cleaning from Australia, with its founder Paul Mitchell, is a professional cleaning company that offers excellent quality service not only for domestic but also for commercial spaces. Having 13 years of remarkable experience in the cleaning industry, Houseproud Cleaning uses environment-friendly and organic cleaning products for homes and offices all over Australia. This adds up to not only a clean environment for the owners but a healthier one as well.



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Houseproud Cleaning Products

Houseproud Cleaning uses non-chemical and citrus-based cleaners and also uses post consumer wastes and paper products from timber plantations. This provides quality and a safe and clean environment for the home and office owners. Most of the cleansing products contain chemicals and harmful components to eradicate bacteria and dirt as part of the cleaning process. However, Houseproud Cleaning is dedicated to ensuring that the products we use are conducive to a more toxin-free space for our customers. This will guarantee you that our cleaning products are as clean as the air you’ll breathe and won’t compromise the safety of the air and surroundings of the establishment owners after the services are conducted.


Houseproud Cleaning Services

We use a comprehensive and organized checklist system to better track the progress of our services and to follow certain cleaning requirements as set by our valuable customers. We guarantee the finest, on-time, highly trained, and trustworthy workers to help you achieve a cleaner and healthier place. Armed with our natural cleaning products, we offer you the healthiest and safest cleaning experience there is. This is evidenced by the referrals and the loyal customers who have witnessed our domestic and commercial cleaning services firsthand.

When it comes to domestic cleaning, our honest and skilled workers are committed to providing your family a healthy environment with the non-toxic, free cleaning products that we use. We also have fortnightly cleaning, weekly house cleaning, and off house cleaning service schedules that you can choose from.


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For better domestic and commercial cleaning, we give you the following services:

Spring Cleaning

This is a 4 to 10-hour process based on the condition and the size of space you have. This service provides you with optimal cleaning results from the exterior to the nooks and crannies of your home.


Upholstery Cleaning

It includes cleaning even your recliners, beds, dining chairs, couches, leather lounges, and bed mattresses using standardized cleaning equipment. This will leave your furniture squeaky clean and looking brand new.


Regular Cleaning

This is also a convenient option for domestic cleaning. We base our schedules on the customer’s requested timeframe. After Houseproud Cleaning does its job, you will feel like coming to a brand new home.


Moving Cleaning

If you are moving into a new home, we can also serve you. We at Houseproud Cleaning have been closely working with real estate agents for years to determine and deliver quality domestic cleaning needs for your future home. Our service will guarantee that customers will step into a spotless home.


Carpet Cleaning

We do this, too? That’s right! Using our carpet steam cleaning service will surely remove the toughest stains from your carpet, abiding by the 8-step hot water extraction carpet cleaning method recommended by Standard Australia. We have a highly skilled team to do the job.


Commercial Cleaning Services

We use top-of- the-line equipment, especially designed for office cleaning. May it be big or small offices, hospitals, clubs, or showrooms, Houseproud Cleaning will definitely leave you a germ free environment that’s conducive for working.


Specialized Clean

This service is flexible to your cleaning requirements. It is designed for occasional cleaning projects or if you’re moving out and need a reliable team to take care of the cleaning tasks for you, Houseproud Cleaning does the job.


Why Houseproud Cleaning is The One for You

We have the complete cleaning package perfect for your domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning needs. We have a highly skilled team to perform the job and state-of- the-art equipment. Houseproud Cleaning is the perfect company to look for!