Landscaping Around Glass Balustrades

Glass fencing has come a long way over the past few years, and, just like other landscaping products available it has become cheaper, and more readily available. Whether you have just moved into a home with glass fencing, or you have just had some installed, you may be wondering what you can do with the ground around it. While it seems a shame to block your view or cut down on light, you may have some privacy concerns and would like to do something to block the neighbour’s view. We aren’t all lucky enough to live on a hundred-acre property.

That glass fence, old or new is adding value to your home, maybe you want to make it feel more presentable, whatever your reason, landscaping around best glass balustrade is a little different to throwing some plants in by your wooden fence.

You probably don’t want to block your view completely – especially if the fence is around your pool, that glass fence has a clean and sophisticated look and feel, it is enhancing your space and is maximising the view – all while still being very functional.

Assuming you don’t want to hide your whole fence behind some bushes, you will need to ensure you have some form of access to the glass, so you can keep it clean. This only needs to be done 2-3 times a year. The best way to clean your glass is to use either some warm water and liquid soap or methylated spirits. The best time for you to clean your glass – especially in summer – is in the morning when the glass is cool. Hose the glass down with some clean water first, then, using a sponge or soft brush/broom apply the soap on the glass, wash off with water and let it air dry.

Landscaping ideas Around Glass Balustrades

Why Do You Want To Landscape Along A Fence Line?


  • To soften the area
  • To camouflage something
  • To just enhance the area
  • To set up a theme

The straight edge of a fence needs some visual softening, and this is generally achieved using plants. When it comes to glass fencing, you don’t want to hide the fence, you want to enhance its natural beauty – it blends into the surroundings, it’s there, but it’s not. Eyes are drawn to the plants and not to the fence line. You have a fence where you do for a reason, to keep people out, to keep people in or to keep people safe.

You Just Want To Soften The Look And Feel Of The Area.


Depending on your likes, planting small clumps of flowers takes away that starkness, provides colour but doesn’t detract from the view. If you are planting near or around a pool, some good hardy plants, grasses and Australian natives look great, ferns or plants that stay green all year around will work well. Look for plants that don’t require much work – no trimming, cutting back or watering and choose plants that won’t shed leaves, and they will become a problem for your pool to deal with.

If you want you can always go for a mid-height style cottage garden, plants that grow long and narrow, rather than bushes, look for dwarf versions of popular plants such as roses. When it comes to choosing plants for your landscaping you need to be comfortable with your choices, if you love gardening, choose lots of colourful plants, if you are more laid back, bulb based plants are a good choice, they will only flower once a season, or plain hardy plants especially succulents, they require little work, little water and very little care, they will take care of themselves.

If you already have an established garden you can choose to landscape with plants that you already have, this way your new section won’t stand out as a afterthought but will be a continuation of your existing garden style. It takes the guesswork out of choosing plants, and you know what you are dealing with regarding care.

Consider the seasons, if you want flowers or colour all year around, you will need to plant accordingly, so you have flowering plants through autumn/winter and spring/summer.

Don’t forget to consider the positioning of plants when it comes to sunlight. Some plants thrive on sunlight; others don’t. Remember too, you are landscaping around a glass fence, don’t choose climbing plants, unless you put up netting, they will have nothing to climb on and will end up as a wasted choice

Ground cover style plants are perfect, they flower, can stay green all year and won’t block the view, in fact along with the glass fence, you’ll find the area enhanced. A nice landscaped garden outside your pool fence makes your pool look and feel more inviting.

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