How to Match Your Décor to White Marble Flooring

White marble flooring can transform an interior space. The material adds sophistication and elegance and instantly creates an appearance of high luxury.  Yet, the splendour of white marble can be diminished if it’s not carefully matched with the room’s other colours and accents.


Now you might be wondering: What goes with white marble?

That’s a difficult question to answer. For starters, white marble isn’t typically stark white. All types of Carrara marble, for example, are primarily white matched with subtle grey and black veining patterns. Other types like Calacatta, Crema and Arabescato marble feature white hues matched with greys, tans and other colour patterns. Therefore, you aren’t just matching with white; you’ll also need to plan your décor according to the tile’s veining patterns.

Ultimately, though, white marble offers the elegance of natural stone, and with a few tips and tricks, you can ensure that marble is properly accentuated in every room.


Colour Schemes that Work with White Marble

Here’s some good news: White is the universal colour – it matches will just about any hue. In particular, reds, blacks and blues are ideal complements for white.

To begin planning your space, you’ll want to plan a colour scheme. Many different types are used in a modern interior design, but a few that work for white marble include:

Complementary: This type of colour scheme uses two complementary colours. For example, white and black or white and navy blue is complementary schemes that deliver a classic look.

Split-complementary: Similar to the complementary scheme, the split-complementary uses three colours. A base colour matched with two complementary colours, like blue and violet. White, black and red is often used in contemporary spaces.

Analogous: In this scheme, the white would be matched with three similar colours that are close variations. For example, a white base matched with royal blue, sky blue and teal.

Monochromatic: Finally, a monochromatic scheme utilises various hues of the base colour. White-on-white kitchens and restrooms feature elements that are all various shades of white. In some cases, a soft accent colour may be used to add visual variety.

Matching with marble: With white marble flooring, the room’s dominant colour white, but the accent should be one that matches the stone’s natural veining colours. For example, a slate accent works nicely with white-grey Carrara marble. Chocolate, taupe, and navy blue are also great colours for Carrara marble.

Colour Schemes that Work with White Marble

Matching Furnishings, Accessories and Window Treatments with White Marble

White marble floors are striking, but they must be balanced with complementary colours. If not, the room can put off a sterile or cold vibe.

You can ensure the white marble doesn’t overpower by balancing with your chosen accent colours. Furniture, cabinetry, countertops and other accessories offer the opportunity to create visual contrasts, which help to bring the room’s design together.

Furniture: In general, furniture colours that stray too far from the base colour can overpower and clash. Therefore, in rooms with white marble floors, couches and chairs that are primarily white or off-white are ideal complements. To add a touch of visual variety, choose throw pillows or furniture pieces that feature the accent colour.

Countertops and Cabinetry: Either the cabinetry or the countertops should feature your primary accent colour. For example, with a white slate scheme, you might feature white floors and slate-coloured cabinets, while utilising a similar white stone for the countertops. Alternatively, white cabinets with a dark countertop also work nicely.

Artwork, Rugs and Accessories: Rugs in the dominant accent colour work great to create visual differences and add depth to interior spaces. Additionally, artwork frames, clocks, and non-furniture pieces in the accent colour(s) can help to add splashes of colour throughout the room.

Wainscoting and Moulding: With white floors, wainscoting and moulding can help to offset the floor and create a visual barrier between the wall’s paint colour and floor. A similar-hued white works great to elongate the room.

Window Treatments: In a two-toned complementary design, white window treatments work best. But in split complementary and analogous spaces, a subtle hue of one of your accent colours also works nicely.

Fittings: With white marble, stainless steel and chrome are best for faucets, sinks and knobs. In some cases, brass may be an alternative as well.

If you’ve landed on white marble tile as a must-have material, you’ve made a good choice. White marble is versatile and can be matched with a just about any colour. Hopefully, these tips and tricks – which can be broken in some cases – will help guide your design decisions.


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