Glass Balustrades Around the Pool

You really can’t go past glass balustrades if you are looking for a safe and beautiful pool fencing.

When it comes to pool fencing – what are glass balustrades?

Pool fencing glass balustrades are a series of glass panels fixed in place to form an attractive yet secure barrier around your pool. Children will be unable to enter your pool area without the help of an adult. The glass balustrades themselves come in two styles – semi frameless where the panels are held in place by posts between each panel of glass, or, fully frameless – where the panels are held in place by channels, spigots or special clamps. In either case – for around a pool area, the posts are made from either stainless steel or aluminium.  A child-proof gate is installed that is completely child safe using self-closing hinges, it allows you to enter and exit the pool area safely.

Glass balustrades are beautiful

Glass balustrades – when it comes to deciding on a safety fence for your pool, are the most attractive. They suit any style of home thanks to their contemporary and elegant lines and because they are completely see-through, your views of the pool area are not obstructed. Even in the smallest backyard, or even if you only have a small pool glass balustrade pool fencing creates a feeling of space and openness.


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Glass balustrades are safe

As a pool fencing glass balustrades look amazing, they are also very effective and extremely safe. Toughened glass is used which means even IF the glass does break – which is highly unlikely, it will only break into small pieces. Glass balustrades also meet all the relevant Australian Standards and Council regulations as far as safety and quality go. Children can’t squeeze under or through the panels and gate latches are positioned so it’s near impossible for small children to reach it on their own. Being see-through you can watch the kids in the pool from anywhere in your backyard which gives you the opportunity to supervise them in a way you just don’t have with other styles of pool fencing.


Glass balustrades are easy to install.

If you have some basic home handyman tools and you have some D.I.Y skills you can install the glass balustrade pool fencing yourself. You get all the fixings and an instruction booklet which shows you exactly what you need to do to install your fence. You can, of course, also have the fencing installed by a reputable installer.

Balustrades also look good in and around other areas of your home. These attractive glass panels don’t only look great, they also have a lot of other benefits – and uses. Glass balustrades can be made from different types of glass – along with safety glass, including tempered glass, structural glass and glass that comes in curved, opaque and solid designs.

Where can you use glass balustrades inside your home?

Thanks to their versatility you can use glass balustrades anywhere in the home wherever you would normally use a traditional rail or balustrade system.

STAIRCASES – Glass balustrades not only look great they also give your staircase the impression it is *floating*. Railings can be installed on top of the balustrades for extra safety, and glass balustrades can be used on both internal and external staircases.

BALCONIES – Glass balustrades look great on a patio or balcony regardless of the size. The bonus to using glass balustrades is not only doing they open up your balcony your views are completely uninterrupted.

Why use glass balustrades?

There are several reasons to choose glass balustrades for your home – they are see-through, so wherever they are installed you view isn’t lost at all. Perfect when you want to keep an eye on your kids in the pool, or just want to enjoy an uninterrupted look at your surroundings. Design wise they are versatile – you can get glass balustrades in a range of colours, textures, and with different framing and fixing options. Glass balustrades also look impressive in any home style, not just a modern or contemporary home.

Apart from being attractive, glass balustrades are also very safe. They are very difficult to break due to the thick tempered safety glass and if it does break it won’t break into shards of glass. It’s this durability which makes them great for areas where children play and swim.

Durable and low maintenance glass balustrades are easy to clean, just wash over using a mild detergent.