Fun Pool Accessories to Consider for the Kids

The swimming pool is the ultimate fun spot for kids, especially during the summer. You can enjoy some quality family time with your kids in the family pool or let them host some of their friends for a kid pool party. While swimming is an enjoyable activity, children have a notoriously fickle attention span. You need to include some fun accessories for your kids to enjoy a wide range of activities in the pool.

Pool accessories for kids need to achieve two main objectives; first, they need to contribute to the safety factor when your kids are having fun. Every few months you are bound to see a sad news story involving a child getting seriously injured – or worse – while having fun in the pool. The accessories also need to contribute to the fun aspect when enjoying some pool time.

You also need to consider the age of the children involved when selecting the right accessories to buy for your pool. What might interest teens might not be appropriate, or safe, for toddlers to use while in the pool. If your kids are of varying ages, you need to take this into consideration when getting pool accessories. Your children’s interests should also be a major contributing factor when buying pool accessories.

When purchasing pool accessories for toddlers – kids who are three years old or younger- your focus should be on safety. They are not yet comfortable enough in the water, and you need to ensure that they are gradually made to feel at ease with the pool experience. The best accessory for toddlers is a small, and shallow, above the ground inflatable pool, especially if they have never been in a swimming pool before. Inflatable pools give them a safe and controlled space to have some fun in the water before they are comfortable enough to venture into kiddie pools.

For toddlers who have outgrown the inflatable pool phase, the best accessory is a floater or an inflatable floating vest. This ensures that they never get submerged when they have fun with their friends at a kiddie pool. It is important to ensure that your child is comfortable enough to enjoy a kiddie pool without floaters before they can venture to the shallow end of a ‘proper’ pool.

You can get more adventurous with accessory shopping for young children who are comfortable enough to enjoy the shallow end of a swimming pool. Kickboards are an important accessory for any child who is learning how to swim. It allows them to keep their upper bodies above water as they learn to propel themselves by kicking. Avoid any accessories that promote contact between children who are not yet comfortable swimmers; they might accidentally submerge each other.

Children who are above eight years of age, and have had sufficient pool experience, can be encouraged to play together in the pool. Beach balls are an affordable and fun accessory for such children. It encourages movement within the pool and can be utilised for multiple games between friends and siblings. Flippers and goggles are other fun accessories that encourage your children to improve their swimming skills and become more confident within a swimming pool.

Inflatable slides are another fun accessory that you can buy for kids between the age of 8 and 12 as it makes them more comfortable with being underwater after making their big splash at the end of the slide. It is important to mention that young children should NEVER be allowed in the pool without sufficient adult supervision. Ideally, there should be at least one adult swimmer for every five kids who are in the pool.

For teenagers, you can introduce volleyball nets so that they can safely channel their competitiveness and while having fun with their friends. Pool volleyball has the added advantage of allowing adults to join in the fun for a wholesome family bonding experience. You need to be careful to make such games fun, and not overly competitive. Pool floats are also suitable for teens who are comfortable swimming in the deep end. There are many options to choose from concerning design and the number of people that your float can hold.

All pool activities don’t have to occur within the swimming pool. With everyone getting wet, you can buy some water guns for children of all ages to have fun by the pool. If you have a sizeable property adjacent to the pool, your children and their friends will have sufficient space to indulge in a water gun battle session.

You can customise most of the listed accessories to your children’s interests by buying those branded with their favourite sports teams or TV characters. With the right accessories, there is no limit to the fun your kids will have in the pool.

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