Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless glass shower screens give your bathroom or ensuite a simple yet sleek design look. A bathroom in many homes – especially in older homes is usually limited with space and can feel quite *crowded*. Frameless Glass shower screens are a great option when building or renovating – it gives your room a modern look, that is also timeless and will never go out of fashion. For quite some time now frameless glass shower screens have been a popular part of many upscale spas and resorts and now your bathroom can have this same look and feel when you have one installed.

A frameless shower screen is self-supported, so only a small amount of hardware is used to connect the panels which makes the shower super easy to clean. With a limited amount of hardware, you can also avoid that struggle and annoyance of trying to match the metal fixings of your shower screen with other metal fixtures in the bathroom. This gives you a lot more choices when it comes to styling. The great thing about frameless glass shower screens is – glass is a nonporous material and it doesn’t support the growth of germs and bacteria!


The cost of your new shower screen will depend on the size required and if there are any other customising needs that must be addressed. The type of glass you choose will also have some bearing on the price. Frameless shower screens are made from a glass that is thicker than the glass you get in framed shower screens, which means they will need to be manufactured precisely and they need special installation hardware.

Compatible With Any Layout

A fixed panel frameless shower screen is the perfect choice for any simple bathroom layout, this style doesn’t’ have hinges – it is simply attached to one side of your shower wall.

If you have a combined bath and shower then a fix and swing option is the best choice because this style has a fixed panel and a hinged section. Toughened safety glass gives your bathroom a modern look while frosted or tinted glass gives you a better level of *privacy*. On the down-side tinted and frosted glass can make your bathroom look smaller as they disturb the visual *flow* of the area, for some reason soap residue seems to show more on this type of glass.


Professional installation is highly recommended – this way you can be sure your frameless glass shower screen has been installed properly. Always get the area measured by a professional before ordering any screens. Although NOT recommended, if you decide to hang the shower screen yourself – you’ll need a drill, silicone and a tape measure. Be advised that you need to use rubber or plastic spacers as you can’t attach the fittings or the hinges directly onto the glass. Measure several times before you drill. After you have placed the glass panels and have applied the silicone around the area, don’t use the shower for 48 hours. You need to allow the silicone to dry properly. If installed properly a frameless shower screen will not leak and can last for many years.


For safety reasons always make sure the frameless glass showers screen you are buying is made from toughened glass and that it is at least 3/8th’s of an inch thick to provide you with a quality construction that is secure. This thickness of glass is more affordable, but if your budget can stretch then a 1/2inch thick glass will give you the very highest level of stability and structural integrity. It will also give your bathroom a high-end look and a very sturdy feel.


Durability is also a very important consideration when purchasing a frameless shower screen because your home’s shower can be very slippery. If you do happen to slip in the shower you want a shower screen that is strong enough to support you – if you do put a small amount of pressure against the glass.

Easy to Clean

Shower screens are exposed to shampoo, soap and water and they will get dirty – you need to realise that shower screens have to be cleaned regularly to remove built up grime and debris. Make sure your shower screen is going to be easy to clean and to maintain – this is to ensure you can keep your bathroom looking good. Remember that some types of screens are easier to keep clean and to clean, than others.

Frameless shower screens give your bathroom a look that is open and refined and a properly installed glass shower screen will decrease the amount of water splashing out and onto your bathroom floor.