Fencing Options for Your Front-Facing Fence

Replacing your fence or building a new one comes with its very own set of curly design decisions to make. How secure do you want this fence to make your house? What should it look like from inside or your home – or from outside? The type of fence that you can use out the front of your property is pretty much endless. For instance, if you really wanted to, you could build your very own Gaudi- esque masterpiece out the front! We’re not quite so sure how’d that’d go down with the neighbours, but hey, they might love it. Concerning fences, today we check out some of the most popular choices around the country.

The White (or Other Colour) Picket Fence

Whenever we talk about fences, we always have to bring up the white picket fence – indicative of the family dream! Now while picket fences themselves have become less popular over the years, eschewed in favour of other options, you’ll still find them out the front of many homes around the country. The picket fence is a very cute option, for those that are quite short, although they leave the front of the home exposed, and are easily leapable. An alternative is the concrete / taller pickets picketed fence. These provide more of a barrier between your home and the street.

Tubular Fencing

What we’ve seen crop up in the place of picket fencing in terms or being a more permanent Aussie feature is tubular fencing. Tubular fencing allows you to see out between the aluminium tubes, but provides a safer option, as they are more difficult to climb. If you don’t want your garden exposed to people jumping in, but still want to be able to see out very easily, then tubular fencing is the way to go. Like picket fencing, you can also choose the option to do a combination of concrete or brickwork with your tubular fence.
Privacy screening

The Concrete Wall

Solid concrete or brick walls give the ultimate in shielding from the outside world. If you are a particularly private person or would like an enclosed front courtyard that you use often, then the solid concrete or brick wall is the one for you. These walls are generally above head height – you really want to ensure that no passers-by can peep in, so they are generally over 2 metres high. There is a lot to choose from in design when it comes to these ways – anything from exposed brick to rendering, wall tiling and more. It is up to you for the design choice, plus it might even be different one side to the other.

Privacy Screening

Privacy screening is a popular option for many that still want to be able to see out of their fence but like the feeling of shutting others out. Privacy screening is generally a heavy duty product, which allows you to get glimpses through to see what’s happening outside, but at the safe time feel quite secure in that there is a large, impenetrable fence between you and the outside world! These horizontally slatted fences are a semi-solid option for those that want something a little different from concrete.

Once you’ve chosen a style of fencing, then it’s time to pick a fencing company to help you erect it. Make sure that you choose a company local to your area with a good portfolio or work so you can check out the jobs they’ve done previously. Getting the right fencing company is just as important as getting the right style of fencing if you want your fence built well.

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