Fencing Doesn’t Have to be Visually Offensive – Some Tips for Attractive Fencing

Fencing has come a long way since the days of wire mesh and live plants. Some people still prefer to use those types of fences, and they do have their advantages. Unfortunately, there are downsides too. Wire fences can attract rust, and you might have noticed the patterns make it easy to climb them, which beats the purpose of having a fence.

Live fences are harder to scale and can be quite beautiful. Popular plants for live fences include cypress, bougainvillaea, hibiscus, or kay apple. These plants can be intertwined with a mesh fence for added privacy. These plants are quite attractive, especially during the flowering season. They produce colourful features, and can attract birds and butterflies, making them beautiful and functional too.

Artificial fences can be just as attractive. In the past, fences were roughly put together using leftover wood planks. The panels were often old and uneven, with no sense of style or design. These days, fencing is done in a more deliberate manner and can be the highlight of your home décor.

Glass fencing is increasing in popularity. It’s an excellent choice for letting natural light into your home, making the house warmer, brighter, and more welcoming. Glass fences are also a great way to show off home features that you’re proud of, such as landscaping, water features, or even antique garden furniture.

The glass is easy to clean and can be reinforced to avoid breakage and injury. Modern glass panes can be quite resistant to cracks, shatters, or even bullets. If privacy is a bigger issue for you, you can fence your yard with two-way glass or tinted glass. It retains your classy style without allowing access to unwanted eyes.

Glass fences work well with swimming pools, though it’s advisable to use said pools discreetly, for obvious reasons. If you’d like a little more freedom when you’re swimming or sunbathing, you can choose a fence that offers slightly more coverage. You can put up an aluminium tube fence that lets the sunlight in while keeping small children out.

Another way to go is to use wood panel pool fences that offer more protection from prying eyes. Timber fences offer the option of colour. You can use paint, stain, or veneer to create different décor effects. Timber blends well with any kind of outdoor furnishing, because it is versatile and easy to maintain.

Pool fences ideally need to be somewhat see-through. The reason is many houses with pools are family homes. It makes a parent feel much better if they can look out onto the pool while their kids are playing in it. It gives the parents peace of mind and is largely a safety issue, though it does add to the aesthetic value of the pool house and the fence.

Security fences can be beautiful too. They are generally made of aluminium tubing, and are often topped with electrical wire. The electricity is an effective deterrent for unwanted guests, whether they walk on two legs or four.

For those of us who prefer to maximise technology, automatic fences are a nice touch. They are electronically operated, so you can turn the electricity on and off by switch or by remote control. You can also get an automatic gate that opens or closes at the touch of a button.

One key consideration in using electric fences and automatic gates is back-up power. You wouldn’t want to be trapped outside the house due to a power outage. Be sure to install a fuel powered generator nearby. You could also use solar panels or wind turbines to power your gates and fences in the case of blackouts.