Everything You Need to Know About Tubular Balustrades

Outdoor railing installation is very important, as it could mean the safety, security and even the overall beauty of your home or commercial establishment.  Traditionally utilized for outdoor railing use, tubular balustrades are also now seen in indoor installations, particularly for homes or offices that want to achieve the industrial or minimalist look.  This type of balustrade is now seen in a variety of buildings such as airports, malls, museums and gyms.  Many architects and structural engineers recommend the use of tubular balustrades not only because they are trendy, but because of their practicality and durability.


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What are Tubular Balustrades?

Tubular balustrades are used as staircase railings, or in terraces and decks.  They can also be used in commercial leisure centres such as gaming facilities, cinema houses, bars and restaurants.  They also have practical uses on ramps and walkways.  They are quite affordable, and they are flexible enough to adapt to either commercial or residential purpose.  They can also be used indoors or outdoors.  They are long-lasting and durable.

From an engineer’s point of view, tubular balustrades are ideal because it saves weight and improves torsional resistance.

Most balustrades are manufactured to order.  They are simple steps to follow for its installation.  It is easy enough for a capable DIY homeowner.  However, for commercial establishments, they usually get a professional installer to do the job for them. Betta Balustrades is a well-known company that specialises in tubular fencing and through the years have established a reputation for quality service and value for money.


Options for Tubular Balustrades

Tubular balustrades can be customised according to a customer’s preferred design.  Capable craftsmen fabricators of tubular balustrading know exactly what structures need, and know how to be able to install it quickly.

These types of balustrades are made up of different materials.  Customers usually choose according to their design preferences or even their budget.  There are tubular steel balustrades, wrought iron balustrades, or aluminium balustrades. There are also different capping options and vertical bar choices.  Customers can also choose from a range of powder coat colours.  There are also gapped and gapless options.

The most popular option is aluminium because it is affordable and does not corrode.  However, you need to get durable aluminium because low-quality options are prone to dents and are easily bent. T6 aluminium has superior strength and because of its structural integrity, is an ideal material for railings exposed to environmental elements. For outdoor use, you should consider its durability especially as it faces various natural elements.  Steel fencing, on the other hand, is not rust resistant.  However, there are rust-resistant products that can be applied to make it last a long time.  There are a variety of colour choices for pre-coated steel such as Classic Cream, Shale Gray, Cottage Green, Hunter Red, Charcoal, Black Satin, and much more.  There are even anti-gravity sprays available.

A good installer knows and understands correct installation standards and will be able to guide the owner on its proper maintenance.  Installers should also know safety standards and government-mandated regulations on the manufacture and installation of these products.  Not only should they know these things, but they should also comply with them.