Crystal Pools for a Unique Swimming Pool Design

About Crystal Pools

Crystal Pools was established in 1957 by an Australian entrepreneur. The company has seen the industry’s great demand for a swimming pool design. In response, Crystal Pools formulated innovative concepts for the creation of a stylish and safe swimming pool design. The skills of employees are tested by time, and we are proud that we have the best people in the business. They are experts who will surely satisfy your swimming pool design plan. Over the years, they have been researching on the technologies involved in the construction of inground pools. We also offer warranties once you avail of our services. In addition, we have the Council Approval Service, which will track the plan and progress of our work, ensuring that it follows the estimated time of construction and budget.


concrete swimming pool


Crystal Pools has the expertise in enhancing the potential of any establishment through the installation of inground pools that have an exceptional swimming pool design, and which will add value to your property. For several decades now, our company has been making a name for itself as we are known for our quality standard and safety. Crystal Pools creates an elegant swimming pool design that will definitely match your style, whether it is for your business or your home. Aside from this, we also make sure that your pools are safeguarded and secured.

Our beloved customers serve as testament to our exceptional service. We make sure that we leave our customers happy and satisfied. We have various offices across 120 states, and we also offer onsite consultations for residential pools in Sydney.


Why Choose Crystal Pools?

We are clear with our quotation. We discuss every detail of the plan and update you with the progress of the construction. Here are some of the various things you can expect once you avail of our service:

  • water treatment
  • start-up chemical
  • demonstration manual
  • water testing kit
  • pool brush
  • leaf rake
  • floating hose
  • telescopic handle
  • suction sweeper
  • depth marker tiles
  • hydrostatic relief valve
  • gate and check valve
  • base suction skimmer boxes
  • removal of builder fences and equipment
  • temporary fencing during construction
  • structural engineering plan
  • engineer’s certification


We are thorough with our swimming pool design and services. We are set out to improve and add value to your property. After being in the industry for more than a decade, we have already mastered and perfected our product. Allow us to make your swimming pool design.  We are capable of constructing an inground pool in your property, which will give you a comfortable and enjoyable view whenever you are in your mezzanine or balcony.


Talk to us!

You can reach Crystal Pools from anywhere in Australia. All you have to do is call us. You can visit our website for more details and to learn more about the previous contracts we have worked on. You can also find us on all social media websites. We offer free quotations for our services.