Can You “Fix” A Loud Water System?

Some water systems can be really noisy, from that “psshhhht” I was talking about through to “jutter jutter jutter”, “bang bang”, “eeeee” or “crrrrkkkkkk” – for the technical terms ha! Each of these noises is indicative of a different issue. Some noisy water systems are able to be fixed or rectified and some you’ll probably just learn to deal with because it’s not that big of an issue for a household.

So let’s get to the bottom of those sounds then shall we?

The “bang bang” or water hammer noise

You know how pipes are long, smooth, and cylindrical, right? Now can you imagine that water is streaming through this pipe fast and hits another area such as a closed valve where it has to come to a complete stop. This is quite a lot of pressure and is that thump you hear, like a ball hitting a wall. These water hammer noises can also be really bad for your pipe infrastructure and water system in general.

Air chambers are put along the lengths of pipes in a home that will help to absorb that pressure, however it is sometimes necessary to refill these chambers with air. You can do this by opening up the highest tap in your home and at the same time running the one that is the lowest in your home.

The squeal when the tap is on

If your system is squealing when either the tap is on, or when your toilet cistern is refilling, then it’s probably due to your pipes being too narrow, or there is some sort of obstruction or build up in the pipes. If the noise is only coming from the one tap, then at least you have isolated the issue. This probably isn’t a DIY job to fix unless you’re very handy. If the noise is coming from the loo, take the system lid off and then watch while it’s filled. If the noise stops once it’s full, then it’s usually the ballcock valve that needs replacing here. If it doesn’t stop, and water is going into the overflow tube, then this is likely the issue.

Other noises…

There are a variety of other noises that you can hear coming from your water system, that come from various different causes. For instance, copper pipes can expand when they’re hot which can rub up against the walls of your house and make strange noises. Another issue can be when your water pressure is set too high. This can also cause damage to water mains connected appliances like the washing machine. For many houses, you can set the water pressure yourself – this will be found near the water mains supply box.

Generally, when you have issues with noisy water systems they are fixable. The source is also much easier to identify by a trained plumber. Once you’ve nailed down the issue you will know what you need to do to rectify it. A plumber will be able to tell you the price to fix the issue. While some issues may be easy and cheap to fix, such as those involving the change of a washer or valve, some may be more difficult to fix, including replacing large areas of piping.

Once you know the issue you’ll able be able to tell whether it’s actually going to be damaging, or whether it’s just noisy but not going to cause problems. If it’s not actually going to cause any issues you’ll be able to weigh up whether you think that the cost of fixing the issue will be too much for how annoying the sound is. If the issue has the potential to damage your home, though, it is best that you place it as a priority in your life. Burst pipes, broken dishwashers, and structural damage to your home at an inopportune moment would be pretty annoying, wouldn’t it?

If you’re not able to identify “that noise” from your internet searches, then it’s best to let a 24 hour professional plumber come around to give you the low down. If you don’t have any mates that are plumbers that you could invite around for dinner, then make sure to check out a professional plumbing service in your area. Think of any other plumbing jobs around the house that you might be able to combine into your appointment too.

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