Bedroom Furnishing And Decor Ideas For Summer

Some people like the natural daylight to pour through their room during long summer days, while others would rather block it out with blackout blinds to sleep undisturbed. Whatever your take on summer is, we’ve got a few furnishing ideas that are perfect for updating your bedroom this season.

Detail Is key

Give your bedroom a romantic and dreamy feel by hanging up white mosquito netting over your bed. Not only will it keep those mossies away when your window is open at night, but it will also add delicate detail to the room that keeps in line with a summery bedroom feel. Hanging a mosquito net over your bed will make it the key focus of the room, so you don’t need to overdo it with decorating elsewhere.

Woven textures add a coastal vibe to your room that will make you feel closer to the beach from the comfort of your bed. Wicker baskets will add softness to the room that is reminiscent of outdoor picnics in the summertime while doubling up as excellent storage space.

Channel the nautical bedroom theme for the ultimate summer bedroom look. Hang a canvas on the wall with an ocean scene to bring you closer to the beach. Ocean paintings will fit in well with a summer room design, not only because of their content but also regarding their colour. Pale blues and crashing white waves blend in with most colour schemes in the bedroom.

Summer is all about spending days at the beach with family and friends. Collect your memories in the form of seashells and turn them into a quirky bedroom detail by creating a mural or adorning the edges of your mirror.

Decor Ideas

Colour Pop Versus Neutral Palette

Pick your favourite summer accent colour to add a burst of fun and vibrancy to your room. Sunshine yellow, sky blue, burnt orange or emerald green are all excellent choices. Next, select several key items in the room such as pillows, lampshades and rugs. Use your summer colour of choice to add brightness to the room through subtle colour pops – embroidery detail is a great way to do this.

Another option that can give your bedroom a seasonal refresh is to stick to a neutral colour scheme, focusing on bringing in all of the natural summer light and an airy breeze. This option goes well with crisp cotton fabrics and soft, creamy looking armchairs and neutral leather lounges. Spray your favourite scent around the room for a breezy island smell and chill out by the window with the breeze in your hair – paradise.

Stay Fresh

One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a lovely summer feel is by choosing bright flower arrangements and placing them strategically around the room. It’s a good idea to pick flowers that will complement your colour scheme – white, yellow and pale pink are all fail-safe options when it comes to subtle and pretty flower arrangements. Using hand-picked flowers from your garden will add rustic charm to your bedroom look, while a variety of succulents is a low-maintenance option that is on trend and will last you all summer long. It may be a good time to freshen up your bedroom furnishings, how about some Italian inspired furnishings such as an intricate bedhead to really shake things up?

A strong aroma of flowers is a natural way to perfume your room and an open window will circulate the smell to create a summery outdoor ambience.

Get The Light Right

One of the best things about summer is the long balmy nights spent outdoors before the sun goes down. Sheer linen curtains are the best way to welcome summer into your bedroom with open arms. Let the light flood in over wooden floors and painted white walls for a light and breezy summer feel. When night falls, light up some white candles with a subtle ocean breeze or floral scent to soften your room while maintaining a daytime feel.

For those who prefer to sleep in and keep the sun out for coolness a little longer in the mornings, add a natural looking glow to the room with a table lamp and a large shade. Another way to add soft and delicate lighting to the room is by weaving fairy lights along the bed frame, which goes well with some romantic netting.

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