5 Bbq Options For Your Outdoor Kitchen

For any barbeque enthusiast, very few things make more sense than getting an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens combine your love for good food and being outside in the sun. Outdoor kitchens help you expand your living space and entertain guests outside in a safe place. Your guests get to experience the sun during summer while doing some grilling and enjoy a cold drink while they are at it.

The best outdoor kitchens are functional, inviting and warm. They could be as simple as a barbeque grill, chairs and a table, or as expansive as a fully fitted kitchen with all the bells and whistles. While a fully fitted outdoor kitchen might be a little expensive, a simple one can be set easily in your backyard. A fully fitted kitchen might require a contractor, and concrete expert and landscaper, among other experts. Regardless of whether you have opted for a simple kitchen or a more multifaceted one, there are several options for your outdoor kitchen:


  1. Beefeater Discovery 1100e 5 Burner Outdoor Kitchen

This is an outdoor kitchen modular that was designed for those that love to put things together themselves. This is because it is one of the few outdoor kitchen appliances that allow you to add almost anything to complete the design. It can be anything from drawers, cupboards or even a kitchen sink. The Beefeater discovery 1100e features a rust-resistant cast iron cooktop and powder coated steel cabinets. It also comes with a vitreous enamel roll back roasting hood with a large glass viewing window. It is available with 3 and 4 burner barbeque options. Extra modular components are available for purchase as well.

  1. Premium Beefmaster 4 Burner on Island

Another option is the Premium Beefmaster 4 burner on island. This is great for grilling enthusiasts. It comes with 4 cast iron burners that feature flame thrower ignition. The double skinned roasting hood is safe to touch and keeps the heat inside. Some other features include a large cooking area and a thermal glass roasting window that lets you check on your grilling without opening the hood. The vitreous enameled cast iron hotplate and grill is easy to clean. This particular grill is great for beginners and intermediate grillers, since it makes it easy for you to make juicy steak by keeping the moisture inside.

  1. Ziegler & Brown 228L Premium Island Fridge

A good old fashioned summer barbeque goes with a cold drink. It could be a beer or soda, depending on your preferences. This is where the Ziegler & Brown 228L Premium Island fridge comes into play. This is a 2 door bar fridge has a stainless steel exterior with a mirror finish. The doors are made of triple-glazed glass and are self-closing with a magnetic door seal. They are heated to reduce condensation. The fridge has adjustable shelves that provide a large storage capacity for all your beverages and an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature.

  1. Cordon Bleu 4 Burner On Cart With Side Shelves

This is a favourite among barbeque enthusiasts. It is a 4 burner grill that is ignited through flamethrower technology by crossfire. This means that it stays on even in windy conditions. It features a stainless steel roasting hood with an edgeless and large tempered glass neo glass window. The window is tilted slightly to make it easier for you to see what cooking and also look at the inbuilt temperature gauge. The Cordon Bleu 4 burner is gas powered, either through an LP gas cylinder or connected to natural gas. It comes with a comprehensive 5 year firebox warranty.

  1. Cordon Bleu Island BBQ Kitchen – 2 Burner And 4 Burner Deluxe + 2 Bench, Sink, Range Corners X 2 & Shelves

This burner is made for those that are serious about putting together an outdoor kitchen. It also requires quite a bit of space so it is for those that have a spacious yard. The burner comes with a rustproof, matte enameled cast iron hotplate and cooking grill that has integral block outs. The stainless steel roasting hood is angled so that you can easily see through the edgeless, extra-large tempered glass window. It has an inbuilt temperature gauge, a side burner and a side shelf. The entire unit consists of a sink, 2 burner range, a 4 burner deluxe barbeque unit plus a side shelf and a side burner.


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